A Beautiful Blizzard in Beacon

A Beautiful Blizzard in Beacon


I like a good blizzard. For one thing, it works nicely as a traffic-calming device. A big storm can also serve as a bit of relief from all the troubles we are facing, whether personal, or in the community, or the country, or the world. It’s a calling card from the planet, a reminder of the awesomeness of nature.

From the get-go, of course, we are scurrying around with heavy machinery to clear the roadways for our automobiles. Even now, past midnight, with the moon waning gibbous directly over Mt. Beacon, I hear the incessant beeping of the loader every time it goes in reverse as it clears out the new municipal lot down by the creek. Still, wading through a blanket of white up to your knees is kind of wonderful. At least until you must dig out the car.


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3 Responses to A Beautiful Blizzard in Beacon

  1. Kelly says:

    When are you coming back, Mark?

  2. Ben Royce says:

    Nice pics Mark.

    But your words lead me to an honest question:

    Why oppose the T.O.D.?

    Residency focused on rail transportation. The idea that this leads to more cars is an absurdity. The foundational conception of a T.O.D. is to depend on cars less.

    Agreed that there can be a bad design that leads to an increase in car congestion. Then the goal is modification of the T.O.D., not rejection of it.

    I never understood why a contingent of Beacon, opposed to car congestion, a valid goal, would also for some reason oppose the T.O.D.

    Again, an honest question.