Albany Issues Crude Oil Moratorium

Albany Issues Crude Oil Moratorium

From the Albany County website:

Following a directive from Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy, the county today issued a moratorium on the expansion of the processing of crude oil at the Port of Albany pending a public health investigation by the Albany County Health Department.

Today’s order states that the heating and storage of crude oil at the Port of Albany could create a “condition detrimental to the public health and safety of the residents of Albany County.”

The order further states that pending the results of a public health investigation, Global Partners, the company seeking to expand crude processing at the port, cannot expand or increase current operations there. McCoy recently ordered the county Department of Health to determine the health risk posed to county residents by the processing of crude at the port. Under New York State Public Health Law, the county Health Department is empowered to address threats to public health or safety.

“It is my duty as County Executive to take the necessary measures to protect public health and safety,” said McCoy. “We need to be sure that any processing and shipping of crude oil is safe and determine fully what impact it may have on the public. Recent events demonstrate that we fully assess the risk and impact on the public.”

Read the full news release at the Albany County website.

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