City Parks Begin to Thaw

City Parks Begin to Thaw

Spring is definitely making progress. I’ve spent some time with my son at the Wee Play in Memorial Park as the season tries to get a foothold. Here is a short pictorial of what the play zone is looking like after a long winter. Most of the plastic seems to have survived just fine. (Although the photographs show mostly empty landscape and objects, when we were there late Friday afternoon, the park was being enjoyed by a full contingent of kids and parents.)

Wee Play is a great example of the power of community. The Wee Play mission statement:

The mission of the Wee Play Community Project is to advocate for the City of Beacon’s playgrounds, to promote excellence in children’s and youth programming, and to build an organized coalition of community parents.

The group has set up play areas for young kids at three City of Beacon parks. The organization is probably best known for its main fundraising event, the yearly Ree-Play sale.  It will be held this year on May 2, 3, and 4. (More details on our Events calendar shortly.)

As these play areas grow or change, or if another location comes up, one idea would be to add some nature playgrounds elements.

Earthplay is a resource for helping communities build these kinds of spaces.

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