Oil Train Spills Into River

Oil Train Spills Into River

Luckily for our region, not the Hudson River.

From the New York Times late yesterday, April 30:

In the latest accident involving rail cars carrying crude oil, a CSX train derailed and erupted into black, smoky flames on Wednesday in downtown Lynchburg, Va., forcing scores of people to evacuate and causing a spill in the James River.

In the Hudson Valley region, both Riverkeeper and Scenic Hudson have been pushing for regulation of these oil transport trains.

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There was an interesting sentence toward the end of the Times article that hinted at the complexity of energy issues today:

Environmentalists quickly made the case on Wednesday that the accident was another sign of the dangers of oil drilling, even though they are also critical of alternative pipeline transport.

Obviously, it would totally suck if a transportĀ  train derailed and spilled oil into the Hudson River. And, reading the news, it doesn’t take much imagination to picture it happening right here in Beacon’s front yard. But without that oil from the North Dakota fields, how do we continue to run our economy, never mind become the energy-independent country everyone is talking about?

A clear understanding of the energy situation in the world today is arguably the most important information a community can have while laying plans for its future. Wigwam added energy as a new category, and we’ll be taking a periodic look at how this resource, in its various forms, has affected our past, and how it might affect our local economy in the next five to fifty years.

2 Responses to Oil Train Spills Into River

  1. Steve Knowles says:

    I’ve been watching the incredibly long fuel trains across the river when riding the Metro North train. Yesterday one of them had at least 100 tanker cars! I hope they never have an accident, and if they due, the tankers stay intact.

  2. Christine says:

    Not entirely related, but I’ve been concerned about the plans to rebuild the “Port of Newburgh” in order to efficiently supply precast concrete down river to the Tappan Zee project. Nice idea. However, once all the precast is in place, what will be the purpose of the port after that? My question (and I don’t believe I’ve seen an answer to it) is whether the intention is to use the port to support oil tankers?