Sunday Photo Dump, Plus Contest

Sunday Photo Dump, Plus Contest

Here are a few photos from around town, mostly from the past few days. I’m also announcing the first Wigwam contest, such as it is. No definite information yet in terms of prizes, deadlines, etc., but the general idea is:

Submit a photo, taken from any vantage point in Beacon, that includes the vestiges of the Mt. Beacon Incline Railway, as seen in the link and the photo above. Include with your submission a statement of your thoughts regarding the restoration project. In addition to posting photos on Wigwam, I will try to line up a brick and mortar venue that will display some of the entries, assuming we get any. (Already have the next contest: Beacon Bicyclists. A portrait of you and your wheels, plus a little something about how you use your bike. We’ll wait for springtime to get that one rolling.)

More particulars to come, but feel free to start shooting now. So far the only rules are that you can submit up to three photos, but only one statement. If you do submit more than one photo, they must be sent in all at the same time, along with appropriate contact info. Photos should be not more than 1mb file size.

Grace Knowlton sculptures 1

These Grace Knowlton sculptures at the end of Main Street look to be sporting truncated fezzes in non-traditional white.

Knowlton sculptures 2

Just a few week earlier they looked like chocolate truffles with a dusting of confectioner’s sugar.

icycles galore

It hasn’t been hard to find spectacular icicle displays all around town. I call this one “Fire and Ice Escape.”

Snow piles

Where has all the snow gone? To Memorial Park, near the dog run.


A colorful miniature village pops out on a blanket of white.


Another entry into my quasi-obsessive Beacon wall series.


Feature image at top: Candy Corns, a shot from February 2011 that includes the Mount Beacon Incline Railway scar.

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