Sunday Photo Stroll

Sunday Photo Stroll


Here are a few photos from around town the past week, including a number of contest entries for the Mt. Beacon Incline Photo Contest.



An overgrown bonsai tree on North Street…


…and a fixer upper down the block.


Speaking of fixer uppers, the development at the corner of Eliza and Main hasn’t seen much activity.



Some incline shots…




…all by yours truly. I’ll have to declare myself eligible to win all the prizes…


I headed over the Newburgh Beacon bridge for the first time in a while, our own Walkway Over The Hudson, with views at least as impressive. This day featured a palette of ice and snow and cloud merging with the hills of the Fishkill ridge.






Don’t look down!


A shot from the interior of By a Thin Thread, which is moving into a space in the Beacon Theater building. A full story on that tomorrow.


I like these black cubes at Ella’s Bellas.


Candid Camera comes to the Beacon-Newburgh bridge.

Not sure how I feel about the new Candid Camera on the bridge. Also, why can you cross at any time in a car, but not by bike or foot? When I commuted across the river, I was concerned about getting locked out on the return trip.

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