The Ground is On The Air

The Ground is On The Air

We have lift-off! Check it out: The Ground. It’s Beacon Community Radio comin’ at ya!

It could be said that things are still very much in a beta state of mind, so cut some slack, jack and jill. I have not had much of a chance to explore myself, but it all looks very interesting. The musically oriented shows are definitely not Clear Channel Corporate Crap. I dipped into a few and was totally grooving on OWL as I loaded up my Wigwam Radio shows. I also predict widespread acclaim to sweep the streets of Beacon for Chewing the Fat, a show starring Jennifer Claire of Home Cooking NY and photographer Meredith Heuer. It’s like Car Talk for the Kitchen. Looks like a good helping of other groovy grooves, too. I’m looking forward to digging into the archives while waiting for the live broadcasts to begin transmitting.

Wigwam Radio is also still in beta. There are three shows up right now–two interviews with local farmers (actually, now an ex-local farmer–goodbye Tim Heuer, and good luck!) and a chat with several people involved with Beacon Mills, a textile venture and one of the uses proposed under The Doe Fund’s plans for the old Beacon prison site.

More in a future post about the schedule of programs ahead. There is a lot happening, and there are lots of interesting people to chat with about our home economy, so stay tuned to The Ground and Wigwam Raydee-oh!



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