Wigwam’s Weekend Bonus Post!

Wigwam’s Weekend Bonus Post!

There are still a couple posts waiting in the draft box, but in the meanwhile I figured I would put up this mishmash of observations I’ve had while walking about town, random local stuff that just happened or is about to happen, before it gets too stale, and another short slideshow of photos featuring snow, which is already getting kinda stale…

If you listen to the hype, we are supposed to be in another golden age of television. Whatever. But there is no doubt that the entertainment industry is, in fact, just that—an industrialized process. Which means that consuming most of these products probably provides the same nourishment for the soul as Cheez Doodles do for the body. It’s all about the packaging and marketing.

That’s why it  was a pleasure to attend the CD launch party at the Town Crier the other night for Under a Spell, featuring local singer and songwriter Margaret McDuffie. The CD was also recorded nearby at Elbow Room Studio, and the package was created by a local firm, Randall Martin Design. I really enjoyed both the show and the CD. Check it out.

McDuffie CD cover

Sarah Womer of Zero to Go is also set to make a debut, but instead of singing for her supper, she will be collecting the remains of yours. That’s right, Z2G will be offering a compost pick-up service right here in Beacon this spring, and we’ll be reporting all the details on that project next week.

sarah with compost

And don’t forget that Drink More Good at 383 Main Street is currently open for all of your loose leaf tea and spice needs. I just picked up a fresh bag of awesome Earl Grey. Soft opening hours will be Wed – Mon 10-8 and Tues 10-3. Look for the official grand opening on March 14.


Right across from Drink More Good is more good, as Beacon Pantry has successfully completed its move to 383 Main Street. In addition to the giant snow cheese out front, Beacon Pantry features a wide variety of cut-to-order domestic and imported cheese and charcuterie, as well as a large selection of local, Italian and hard to find French pantry items, grass-fed local meats and dairy. And more.


Next door to Beacon Pantry is Xtrafuel, which is undergoing renovations we’ve been covering. To recap, older tanks were found buried under the current ones, and they were leaking gas. Although there is still a gas smell, it looks like it is mostly filled back in with soil that has the consistency of kitty litter. Wigwam will have some final thoughts on all this next week.


Lots of snow removal in the past couple of weeks, as our tax dollars work hard to keep passageways and parking clear for automobiles…



occasionally to the detriment of the sidewalks…



As happened last winter in Beacon, the constant heaving of the ground due to frost can play havoc with gas lines. Liberty Street near East Main was shut down for a day last week to repair a gas leak (the other kind of gas  leak).


Finally, an east end interlude, with a look at the old factory at 1 East Main in various states of nature, and the mountain views from Verplanck Avenue, and also North Street.

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