Beacon Food Truck Finds Success With Plan C

Beacon Food Truck Finds Success With Plan C


First they tried a zoning variance. Then they applied for a vendor permit. Today The Beacon Bite opened up several feet from the Hudson River, at Scenic Hudson’s Long Dock Park. They are still waiting to hear about a permit from the city, and are also standing by as the city council considers adapting the zoning law to allow food trucks to operate on private lots.

Meanwhile, Scenic Hudson said sure, come on down. And so they did, setting up the big red truck in the gravel parking lot just beyond and to the right of the kayak dock.


Cabbage finger wraps were fresh and with a good kick, down by the riverside.

I had tempeh with butter pickles, spicy mayo, and peanuts on napa cabbage leaves, which served as perfect wraps. Also excellent was the crisp cauliflower and broccoli with batch 35 cheddar cubes (did I get that right?) olive oil and lemon. Steak frites were hot and salty and had some kind of yummy mayo style dip. Other selections were a scallion wrap with pork, slaw, and toasted chili mayo; Tabasco wings with blue cheese; goat cheese fritters; and a mesclun salad with chic peas, cucumber, red onions, and sundried tomatoes. The menu is subject to change based on seasonal ingredients and the whims of the chef. Ice teas, Drink More Good sodas, and a Dublin Dr. Pepper made with real sugar were the beverage offerings. Prices are from $6 to $9.

The Beacon Bite food truck is open Thursday thru Sunday, 12pm to 7pm, at Long Dock Park.


Dalton and Josh are just happy to hear the swipe of credit cards passing through the reader. (Shhh. Listen verrrry carefully.)

From the ferry or train, you can take the path to the red barn, then walk up the drive a bit and down to your right. To get there by car turn left on Red Flynn Drive after you pass over the Metro-North tracks. I took my son by bike.  I avoided all big uphills by taking part of the Beacon Loop Trail there (Dennings Ave to Klara Sauer Trail) and back (KS Trail to Dave Miller Connector to Madame Brett to Tioranda Ave. Easy!)

5 Responses to Beacon Food Truck Finds Success With Plan C

  1. Karen Venne says:

    I know my nephew, Josh Venne, will succeed in whatever endeavors he puts his mind to. I do not live anywhere near to enjoy his cooking, but I would advise everyone to go and enjoy what ever food him and his partners are cooking! Best of luck Josh. The write up and pics are great.

  2. Laura says:

    I know first hand how great this guy Dalton really is – very well trained and he just plain loves to cook. Please give it a try – you won’t be sorry.

  3. Kamel Jamal says:

    Great addition to beacon, can’t wait to hit it up

  4. Josh Venne says:

    Thanks Grant! Please come have lunch!

  5. These guys are great. Recently had the chance to meet the both of them. I love the out side box thinking. Wish these guys the best.