Beaconite Traveling World By Bike

Beaconite Traveling World By Bike

Okay, so Kurt Sandiforth is not technically a Beaconite, but he did stay in town for over a year while replenishing himself spiritually, physically, and financially for his ongoing trip around the world by bike. We received a brief update from him yesterday:

I’m doing great. Now in Mendoza Argentina. Just put in some hard miles across the dry and barren Atacama.

Finally super close to Patagonia!
I just did a year in review blog post as well as a kit list. I changed up my set up while in Lapaz Bolivia. I’m now running rack and pannierless. It’s a perfect set up for the fat bike. The less burdened it is, the better it handles.
¬†And yea I’m loving the fatty as the everyday rig in my vagabond wanderings!

It’s been a year since I worked with film maker Marc Schriebman of Super9Films to create a short documentary about Kurt and his journey. The film was conceived and shot during the final weeks of his preparations to resume his world trip. From the standpoint of a fellow cyclist, I was of course in awe of his long-distance racing exploits. From the standpoint of Wigwam and home economy, I was enthralled with his extreme DIY–Kurt designed and built the racks for his bike, and then designed and sewed up the bike packs and bags, too.

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Feature photo by Case.

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