Local Farm Needs Your Vote

Local Farm Needs Your Vote

One of our local farms, Common Ground Farm, is seeking your help to obtain a grant from the Seeds of Change grant program. All you have to do is vote to help them get into the pool of applications that will be considered for a grant. You can vote once a day till April 21. Go here: Seeds of Change grant search and type in the zip code 12590, then hit search.

Here’s a synopsis of the farm’s grant application:

Common Ground Farm’s vision is simple. We believe that it is a basic right for everyone to access and enjoy chemical-free, fresh, whole food, regardless of income. Our vision is to maintain land-fertility in order to increase the yield of food donations while we continue to grow our educational programming within the Beacon community and beyond.

We are in our first year leading a Farm to School project in Beacon. The project is gaining remarkable support from the community. Yet we must look beyond the classroom and visits to farm by addressing the food supply to public schools and our low-income population. Beacon has an opportunity to turn gentrification into a positive opportunity: to share knowledge—real integration rather than forced relocation.

This year we are committed to giving more—to more people, at more locations, with more partner organizations. To that end, with funding from this grant we will continue to naturally improve soil fertility and increase farmer funding.


Feature photo courtesy Dana Devine O’Malley

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