The Node Needs YOU!

The Node Needs YOU!


A new project is about to bloom in Beacon, with connections to New York City by railway and Newburgh by ferry. It’s an adaptive design and arts center called Node. The mission of Node is to provide a platform for education and resources exchange centered around ecological issues. It will explore low-impact, autonomous, and resilient design methodologies, appropriate technologies, and artistic approaches to these issues.

The center will be open this summer, in a fantastic but as yet top secret Beacon location.

Here is some stuff you should know about Node:

First of all, you can help, simply by voting for Node to be in the running to receive a $10,000 grant. No money involved, just your vote. Go here:


Who is behind Node?

Josh Kogan (

Josh  is an environmental/water resources engineer, who also spends a considerable amount of time working on non-fee/grant-based remediation projects involving micro organisms, plants and mushrooms, as well as off-grid alternative and resiliency-based design and construction, each with a community outreach/education component.  Josh is also the creator of localflux (, and a co-founder of the Beacon radio project, The Ground.

Josh at a mushroom workshop.

Josh at a mushroom workshop.


Project vision:

Node will provide a platform for education and resources exchange in Beacon that considers low-impact autonomous and resilient design methods, appropriate technologies and artistic representation, all in response to ecological issues.

Node as school:

 Programming timing will vary throughout the week and weekends, as well as both days and evenings, in order accommodate Beacon and Newburgh residents, as well as those with farther commutes. Additionally, in the long-term Node would like to provide space and resources for eco arts & design residencies. Programming at Node will be offered in the form of lectures (industrial hemp & the future of design, or nomadic living of the future), independent documentary screenings (that emphasize ecocentric arts and artistic process), community events (solar oven cook-offs, seed bombing games), and intensive workshops (mushroom growing for remediation; backyard aquaponics design; google sketchup).

 Please Vote For Node.

Node as community platform

In addition to its educational functions, Node will also serve as a community incubation space; namely, a place to share creative ideas, as well as initiate think tanks, community-based campaigns, and action plans pertaining to ecology and art. This activity will not be programmed; instead, the vision is to create the space for this to organically develop.

Why Beacon?

“A wise person once told me that you must start within your community—where you live” says Node founder Josh Kogan. ” I grew up partly in Newburgh, and now live in Beacon—this is home. This project is close to my heart, and it feels right here, in Beacon.”


Hey Josh, what will happen at Node?
“Node will act as a convergence space for the linear and abstract.  A place where collaborators and instructors will be forced to take their environmentally motivated design and art to another level.  A place where truly amazing things will happen!”

So where exactly will Node be?

“I can’t say explicitly where Node will be located (I’m sworn to secrecy), but with the help of Beacon Arts ( and a fantastic landlord, Node will be a reality this summer!”

 Please Vote For Node. Thanks!


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